View Full Version : Marathon TX & Big Bend....

Joe Forks
11-Mar-2010, 07:43
I'll be in West TX 3/14/10 through 3/19/10. If you find yourself in the area hit me up for some LF photography - 210-860-0594 (hopefully the cell phone works - cell tower is down now but hopefully fixed pretty quick). If the phone is out almost everyone in town knows where to find me, even the deputy, fire chief, and James Evans if you can find any of them.

Joe Forks
11-Mar-2010, 08:06
cell tower is fixed, I just confirmed that with my neighbor out in Marathon - good to go.

Darren H
15-Mar-2010, 06:47
Big Bend in March is awesome, but this will be the first spring in over a decade I'll miss it. Maybe a fall trip this year......

Have fun!