View Full Version : DIY Camera Bellows Kit free for "beta testers"

1-Mar-2010, 12:03
We are offering now a limited number of DIY Camera Bellows Kit for free (under certain conditions) to volunteers willing to try the kit to replace their bellows. See details at http://www.diycamerakit.com/news.php?article=25

2-Mar-2010, 11:53
Not sure about paying first to test the Kit, wnat if it's not good enough and doesn't work? I have sent a message via your site.

I will be making some Bellows for my camera anyway within the next month.


2-Mar-2010, 13:42
All the money including shipping will be refunded if the conditions are met (the conditions basically amount to you having to TRY (successfully or not) to make the bellows within two weeks and communicate the results of that effort).

Maybe the term "free" is not accurate. It's an exchange, you put in time and get a bellows and I'm getting feedback on my process and product. However, I need to insure that people actually do complete their part which is why I charge first and refund once the conditions are met.

2-Mar-2010, 13:47
Damn I would be perfect, I have already made one set of bellows, I just need to make another for my camera that is thinner. But I'm not in the US.

2-Mar-2010, 15:18
JRFrench, you can apply for the offer as well, on case by case basis international might be ok, however, shipping costs will not be refunded.

2-Mar-2010, 20:26
Message sent Sorin.

4-Mar-2010, 12:17
3/4/2010 Update - I have now enough beta testers for the first round, but if you'd like to be considered for a second round (if that will be necessary), you can still apply as described in the article linked above.

16-May-2011, 01:12
What were the final results of these? Website looks down.

16-May-2011, 05:37
For the most part it worked fine. I've been traveling since August 2010 and the website was attacked by hackers and I didn't have time to have the "good fight". I just returned to US last night, so I will start to pick up the pieces soon.

30-Jul-2011, 16:49
is your website working?