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Greg Blank
20-Feb-2010, 17:12

Michael Clark
21-Feb-2010, 01:06
If Ansel was still alive today he have to be 90 or so years old.Remeber seeing him when he visited Cypress Collage in Cypress around 1970 or so when I was a student there,as soon as he walked in about 100 photo togs surrounded him,asking questions and remarking how much they loved his work.It must have been quit a pleasant memory for him as it was for us,he sure gave use a lot.

21-Feb-2010, 02:14
90 or so years old.

Try 108!

He lived till he was 82, and that was in 1984.

I'm just glad that for people like me, who wasn't even born when he died, that he left a decent legacy in media, interviews, books etc so I can get to know a little bit of the genius.

21-Feb-2010, 03:59
He made some interesting and enthusiastic comments about "electronic images" in one of the videos in the link above. I'm guessing he would have loved digital photography.

Michael Clark
21-Feb-2010, 09:04
[QUOTE=JRFrench;561431]Try 108!

He lived till he was 82, and that was in 1984.

I don't have much of a prospective of time for people born before 1950.