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Gary Nylander
17-Feb-2010, 12:02
I'm not accredited to photograph at the Vancouver Winter Olympics but I thought that being a Canadian and in the spirit of winter that I would feature one of my Canadian winter landscape images every day during the course of Olympics from Feb 12 to the 28th, these images have been selected from collective body of work, all shot of course with large format camera gear.

My blog is at http://www.garynylander.blogspot.com

Also I have recently updated my website with images from 2009: http://www.garynylander.com

Best of luck to all athletes and countries at the Olympics !


Thom Bennett
17-Feb-2010, 12:11

Being from the Deep South (U.S.) I marvel at the beauty of the North and Northwest; it looks like an alien planet to me! You capture it beautifully.

Brad Bireley
17-Feb-2010, 15:06
Wonderful photos!

John MacKechnie
17-Feb-2010, 19:59
Absolutely wonderful Photographs. I've been glued to the television watching the Olympics and recalling fondly our wonderful trip to BC.

Your sensitive choice of photographs and comments about the Olympics are very moving.

Jim Ewins
17-Feb-2010, 22:56
What would accreditation gotten you? It is obvious your images don't need it. The Olympics committees should have worried about more than that. Lovely, especially Lk Agnes.


17-Feb-2010, 23:05
Nice work. I'm a fan of nearly all of it!

Gary Nylander
18-Feb-2010, 11:25
Thanks very much for your comments, Thom, Brad, John, Jim and Vinny and yes Jim you are right ,with my landscape images the accreditation would be of no help, all those pictures are free for the taking !


Patrick Dixon
18-Feb-2010, 11:49
The winter olympics leaves me cold, but I do like your photographs.

Gary Nylander
18-Feb-2010, 13:10
Thanks, Patrick, hopefully when the summer Olympics come to your country in 2012, they will warm you up!

Patrick Dixon
19-Feb-2010, 02:15
Yeah, we will keep you Canadians away from all the facilities so you won't know which way to go ...

Knowing the weather in the UK, we will probably get snow for the 2012 games!

Gary Nylander
19-Feb-2010, 14:50
Haha !, yes with the way the weather is going in some parts of the world, you might very well get snow for 2012, best of luck with the 2012 games !