View Full Version : My wife's show is at the end of the month

15-Feb-2010, 20:22
Not large format photography just large prints but as I got some great advice from many people on this forum I thought I would announce Dana's show. Dana ended up making 60 by 80 inch prints scanned from the Fuji GX680 which is a camera even larger than a LF camera at least in weight. There are 10 images plus the actual installation. Apparently those prints where not big enough for her as she was asked by the art gallery to design an image for placement on a billboard. The billboard is not an advertisement but is being used presented as public art and will be up for much of the time that her show is on.

Once again thanks for the words of wisdom and many of them were not only listend to but employed

Ivan and Dana

15-Feb-2010, 21:00
I will post the actual invite next week as it is too big even when downsized and I have to catch a 5:30 flight in the morning


16-Feb-2010, 04:32
Sorry about the low res quality