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bob moulton
24-Dec-2001, 13:23
My photoshop 6.0.1 locks up quite frequently on my Mac G4, 400 Mhz, 784 MB RAM w hen I use any tool, especially rubber stamp + the zoom tool. The file sizes vary from 212K to 80 MB; all are grayscale from 4x5 scans or photoCDs. Adobe reps ha ve suggested reinstalling, reinstalling with extensions off, turning off virtual memory, allocating more RAM to Photoshop, hitting the return key before using a ny tool, installing without plug ins to see if they are a problem. I have done all that to no avail. HAs anyone experienced similar problems, and if so are there any fixes? I use some of these same negs on a similarly equipped MAC at Santa Fe Workshops and had no problems. The sole differences were at Santa Fe I used Photoshop 5.5 and the Mac had 256 MB RAM. Any help would be appreciated. Bob

Larry Sandt
24-Dec-2001, 15:21
Your preferences may be corrupted. I work at a college as a computer support tec h and frequently have to throw away prefs.

I believe you hold the apple, option and shift keys as you start photoshop, and this will ask if you want to delete prefs. Also increase memory to photoshop.

Hope this helps.

Have a Merry Christmas

dan nguyen
24-Dec-2001, 16:40
Hi Bob... my suggestion.. 1.throw out Photoshop prefs in the trash (from Larry)... 2.give Photoshop at least 150Mb memory... 3.go to Photoshop prefs ---> Scratch disk.. select a disk with plenty of room left... 4. go to Control Panel-->memory, set disk cache to 1056k, virtual memory OFF, Ram Disk OFF

hope this help... good luck

Henry Ambrose
24-Dec-2001, 18:49
I'll third the tossing of the prefs.

Assuming you're using Photoshop alone (not running a bunch of other stuff at the same time) give it 650MB of your 784MB of RAM. Photoshop thrives on RAM - more RAM is the cheapest way to faster performance. And since you're working on big negatives I suspect you have big files so add more RAM! Its dirt cheap now. I think the last 512 I bought was $60.00.

David Richhart
24-Dec-2001, 22:29
Well gee whiz guys...from some of the past postings, I was beginning to think that digital photography + photoshop was the ultimate means of producing the perfect image. Now I found out there are a flaws!!!

EGADS!!! Well, at least there is still a Santa Claus!!! :^D

Daniel Taylor
24-Dec-2001, 23:42
perhaps this is dated news, but Photoshop 6.0.1 has some problems that are addressed on the Adobe customer support website. I had to uninstall this version on my PC, and afterwards received notice that there is a problem with existing preference files or something of that nature. good luck.