View Full Version : Get together at Rob's studio in Burlington, Ontario

Robert Skeoch
17-Jan-2010, 15:42
It's time for a get-together.

So what have you been up to?

Why not come over to my studio in Burlington, Ontario on Jan. 23 from 7.30pm till 10pm and bring along your latest thing.

It could be a photograph that you've made, in fact bring a couple of your latest.

It could be a wood field camera that you've just finished, or re-finished or are just starting to shoot with.

Maybe you've just published your latest photo book.

Why not come over, meet some photographers with a similar interest, show what you've been up to and enjoy a slice of pizza.

It's a casual night but hey the Maple Leafs are on the road, so why not drop over and show your latest work.

The studio is at 3123 Walkers Line in Burlington, ON. 905-335-6031. Cost is $10 to cover the pizza/pop. Plus I make a great cup of coffee.

Send me an email if you can make it.

-Rob Skeoch

Len Middleton
25-Jan-2010, 09:20

Thanks for arranging the get together.

It was good meeting others with similar and a variety of interests.

Like before, met some people that I passed here and on APUG.

Sorry about getting so involved in conversations and not knowing when to go home...

Thanks for your hospitality,


26-Jan-2010, 10:45
Hey Rob, nice to put a face to the name. A great bunch of guys with some amazing inspirational work. Thanks again for your hospitality!


Robert Skeoch
28-Jan-2010, 17:16
It was a lot of fun wasn't it.