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12-Jan-2010, 14:05
Project Basho is pleased to announce its Spring '10 schedule of workshops (http://www.projectbasho.org/workshops/). This semester we have several workshops that may appeal to people interested in large format photography including:

Creating Large Negatives with Large Cameras (http://www.projectbasho.org/workshops/2010spring/large-format-photography.html) (Fri, Sat, Sun, Apr 2, 3 & 4)
- Introducing the experience of large and ultra-large format photography

Introduction to Palladium Printing (http://www.projectbasho.org/workshops/2010spring/platinum-palladium-printing.html) (Fri, Sat & Sun, Mar 26, 27 & 28)
- Introduction to fine printing through the historical process

Introduction to Wet-Plate Collodion (http://www.projectbasho.org/workshops/2010spring/wet-plate-collodion.html) (Sat & Sun, May 1 & 2)
- Reviving the most practiced process of the mid-1800's for contemporary photographers

Pinhole Photography: Thinking Outside the Box (http://www.projectbasho.org/workshops/2010spring/pinhole-photography.html) (Sat & Sun, May 15 & 16)
- Learn to make visually arresting images by using this very simple natural phenomenon

...and more! (http://www.projectbasho.org/workshops/)