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jan staller
4-Jan-2010, 16:59
I am considering having a Sinar 8x10 bellows replaced. This is the earlier pre meter
back. Has anyone had recent experience with bellows replacement? Any recommendations for this service in the USA, preferably east coast? Thank you.

Bob Salomon
4-Jan-2010, 17:08
Have you asked Sinar in Edison, NJ? Or FotoCare Ltd in NYC?

Gem Singer
4-Jan-2010, 17:14
Turner Bellows, Inc. Rochester, NY.

They did an excellent job for me in the past.

Gene McCluney
4-Jan-2010, 17:18
It would always be advisable to see what the cost is for replacement by the original manufaturer, so at least you have a "BASE LINE" to compare other bellows vendors against.

4-Jan-2010, 17:40
I 2nd Turner! They did a fantastic job on my Korona 12x20 and Korona 5x7.
They are also super fast and a pleasure to deal with.

jan staller
4-Jan-2010, 17:47
I checked with Fotocare and was informed that Sinar does not manufacture a new
bellows. When did you last use Turner? What brand and format camera did they fabricate a bellows for. What about the material? Turner's website looks impressive.
Thanks for the lead.

Is there a preference between Turner and Western Bellows?