View Full Version : Proofing 8x10

2-Jan-2010, 22:11
Does anyone have a good way to proof 8x10 since the polaroid film is gone...?

3-Jan-2010, 02:18
I suppose you could take a DSLR with you and several prime lenses that match the FOV of your 8x10 lenses. If you shoot it on manual and disable color and gammut correction it may get you in the "ballpark". It won't help with focus or DOF, of course.

Walter Calahan
3-Jan-2010, 11:53
You could put a reducing back on your 8x10 and shoot a 4x5 polaroid of the center section of your image. Good for checking light if you are using strobes. Unfortunately you don't get to see the entire image area.