View Full Version : Confirmation on Polaroid backs

Lee Christopher
29-Dec-2009, 12:44
I did a search and found these:




Basically, I summized that the 550 and 405 are usable.

545 is completely out, and I've seen nothing mentioned about the 500, except one post claiming that some ebay seller claimed it can be used.

1) Could anyone confirm that the 550 and 405 backs are the only ones usable with a FP100C pack, and in a Sinar and Horseman international back please

2) Are there any other backs I could use?

3) Lastly, is the 500 totally unusable in the abovementioned backs?

Thanks in advance. :)

Peter K
29-Dec-2009, 13:01
The 500 is the older version of the 545, for the first Polaroid single-sheet films.

You can use FP-100 C (85 mm x 108 mm) with the 405 and FP-100 C 45 (102 mm x 131 mm) with the 550. And also

And avoid the Polaroid RF-backs too.

Lee Christopher
29-Dec-2009, 13:05
Thanks so much Peter.

I'll look out for the 550s and 405s, but preferably the 550s since they seem to offer a larger image.