View Full Version : replacement handle for KMV?

29-Dec-2009, 01:39
Hi, I love my KMV, and I just want to change her handle....anybody knows where I could get these particular handles from??


Mark Sampson
29-Dec-2009, 06:06
The Master View has been out of production since about 1956, so a NOS part will be difficult to find, at best. Another recent thread on handles/straps led to a handle from a Wista; or you could ask any of the current makers of flatbed 8x10s to sell you one of theirs.

Michael Kadillak
31-Dec-2009, 10:06
When I refurbished a KMV I had a shoe maker make me a piece of curable leather that worked great. If you wanted to you could have them sew it together on the top like some leather handles. I used a glue on mine to hold it together. The possibilities are endless.

31-Dec-2009, 12:29
A few years a go I bought a replacement handle from Greg Davis off of his web site. He had a few other KMV products that came in handy when I refurbished my KMV. The handle was leather over a metal strap just like the original and was simple to install. He no longer has the site up but you may be able to contact him as he posts from time to time.


8x10 Masterview
1-Jan-2010, 15:58
If you have the remaining metal strap in good shape, you might consider going to Tandy leather and find a piece of leather and make one yourself. I had the remnants of the original leather handle and found a piece of leather that nearly matched the color and refurbished it myself. The result was a handle that was nearly indistinguishable from the original. :)