View Full Version : Roll film back for Chamonix 5x8???

26-Dec-2009, 12:23
I have been intrigued for some time now with the idea of using a simple 6x17 back for panoramas. The problem is that I use a Chamonix 5x8 view camera. Is there a way to adapt a 6x17 rollfilm holder to fit the 5x8 non-removable Chamonix back? Seems like it ought to be possible, but I don't want to make a very, very expensive mistake. I know it may seem that the easiest answer is to just buy a new 6x17 camera, but I enjoy using the Chamonix and I don't want to take on the added cost and baggage of yet another camera. Ideas? -ED

Oren Grad
26-Dec-2009, 12:36
One thought: ask Richard Ritter if he can build an extra back to fit your camera that will accept the Canham holder.

EDIT: Oops - I see you said non-removable. I didn't realize it was a fixed back, as opposed to a non-rotating back. How far will the springs allow it to open?

Oren Grad
26-Dec-2009, 12:41
Here's a picture of the back: