View Full Version : MPP MK VIII Loose Front Standard

26-Dec-2009, 05:24
Hi All

First off I hope everyone is enjoying the Holidays

I just got my hands on an 4x5 MPP MK VIII and I am very impressed, it it make a perfect stablemate for my Busch Pressman D. My problem is the front standard is loose were the cross slide meets the carriage. I can see the three grub screws that need tightening but need help identifying the right type and size of tool, is it an imperial size Allen key?

Have a great new year :)


Pete Watkins
27-Dec-2009, 02:24
Hi Brian,
The MPP Users Club have a website. I'm sure that you'll be able to contact a member who can offer the correct advice.
Best wishes,

Pete Watkins
27-Dec-2009, 02:26
One more thing, it's a British camera from the 50's/60's if the threads are metric I'd be amazed!