View Full Version : Older Pentax V Spotmeter Batteries?

neil poulsen
19-Dec-2009, 18:08
We just picked up an older style Pentax V spot meter with two batteries. There's a 9 volt transister battery that goes deeper in the step, and the cover for that batter also houses smaller mercury batteries.

What batteries should we get to replace the mercury batteries?

Also, why does this meter need two batteries? What are each set of batteries for?

19-Dec-2009, 20:23
Is this the same model meter?


Gem Singer
19-Dec-2009, 20:44
No, the meter shown in the link is a newer model that takes three alkaline or three silver oxide batteries.

It's the one that I use as my backup meter.

If I remember right, the older Pentax V meter used a 9 volt battery for the meter operation and the smaller mercury batteries for illuminating the dial under dim lighting conditions.

Pushing the the little button on the side of the handle activated a light bulb the size of a grain of rice that illuminated the dial.

19-Dec-2009, 22:36
I suspect it is a model 1/21 rather than a model V.


Pete Watkins
20-Dec-2009, 01:50
Hi Neil,
If you're stuck you could contact www.smallbattery.company.org.uk they've always bailed me out in my hours of need.
Best wishes,

neil poulsen
20-Dec-2009, 07:23
There are two scales on the inside: L: 3-10; H: 10-18. But, I can't see how one selects one versus the other?

There's a standard button like on my later Model V labeled "L", probably for invoking the meter. There's the "B" button for battery check. Above the "B" button is a screw with an arrow around it. Is this some kind of calibration screw? The scale on the inside is non-linear, unlike my more recent model.

Maybe this isn't a Pentax "V", like I thought? The case is a lot the same, though.

neil poulsen
20-Dec-2009, 08:02
I suspect it is a model 1/21 rather than a model V. Mike

Yep, it is. Thanks for the tip. Knowing the model, I was able to locate and download an instruction manual.