View Full Version : Any shooters on the Delmarva Peninsula?

christopher walrath
18-Dec-2009, 20:09
I live in Milton, Delaware. Just wondering if there is anyone on here in my area. I'm always up for a session out and about. Just curious.

christopher walrath
6-Aug-2010, 21:39
Been a while since I asked. Anyone in the area? Would love to get up with someone local for day full of backache causingly painful grunting and groaning. Oh, and maybe some photography once we get there.

Jim Rhoades
10-Aug-2010, 17:01
Hey Chris, I'm willing to come out there on an overnight. You have to drive through DC at 4AM you know. I have to make a run to Chincoteague for some fishing and shooting soon. Late September?? It's real hot out there right now.

Still no word from, you know who, on the print I sent. It went out the same day as yours with the same packing and shipping so I think it got through.

If you wanted to shoot something higher than 3 foot above sea level you could come out here. I'm ten miles from Skyline Drive. BTW, it hot even at 3,500 feet. :(