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Kevin Frost
18-Dec-2009, 18:34
Hello everyone; I'm new here and this is my first post. I'm trying to build an 11x14 film holder. But I'm out here in the sticks (I live in southern Tasmania) without models to work from; I have no holders or film. Hence I'm trying to work from the ANSI specifications which are published on the earthlink (http://home.earthlink.net/~eahoo/page8/filmhold.html) but I've come to doubt the accuracy of some of their specs. The numbers for 'exposure height' and 'exposure width' cannot be right. These dimensions specify the opening of the film holder when the darkslide is pulled out, I assume. For example: the exposure height listed for 8x10 is 10.026". That's longer than the film! My Lisco Regal 8x10 holders measure 9.280". Likewise for 'exposure width' my Lisco measures 7.625 while the ANSI spec is 7.850". Something's wrong here. The ANSI numbers for 5x7 also appear to be wrong. My Lisco Regal 5x7 holder opening measures 6.370" x 4.590" while the ANSI spec is 7.010"x 4.850". This can't be right. I proceed on the assumption that the 11x14 specs are out as well. The ANSI exposure height spec is given at 14.086". Again, that's longer then the film itself. I was hoping that someone out there would be kind enough to report accurate measurements of the openings of their reliable film holders (like S&S, Lotus or equivalent) for 11x14 (and 7x17 if possible). Also could someone post accurate measures for 11x14 film itself? I assume it's a bit under the nominal size. Either inch or metric is fine. Thank you, Kevin Frost.

Mark Sawyer
19-Dec-2009, 10:17
Hi, Kevin ~

Here's what I get from a Fidelity filmholder, which should be about as standard as it gets:

Inside height (Bottom flap closed): 345.5mm, or 13 19/32"
Inside width: 281.5mm, or 11 1/16"

However, the flaps the film slides under bring most of the inside width down to 266mm, or 10 17/32"

A processed 11x14 film negative measures 10 15/16 x 13 15/16. Bear in mind, though, that there are occassional reports of slightly off-sized ULF films, especially in the "bargain" brands which are sometimes recut by resellers.

Hope this helps, and welcome to the forum!

19-Dec-2009, 10:48
Perhaps try contacting Keith Canham at canhamcameras.com. Although he doesn't have specs on his website, he does build and 11x14" camera and probably has the appropriate measurements readily available. Same story with Richard Ritter at lg4mat.net, again a very helpful guy who builds the cameras. Sandy King (Sanking user name on this forum) builds beautiful film holders for ULF cameras and may be able to help you out as well.
As far as I know you make them about this big and go from there....