View Full Version : Extension Bellows for Toyo 45CX

23-Nov-2009, 12:18
Hey everyone,

I'm looking for a way to extend the bellows of my Toyo 45CX on the cheap. I know that the lens board side of the bellows is smaller than usual, but if I were to pick up an additional bellows to attach on the film back side would it be a standard size? I'm not excited about buying an extra-long bellows from Toyo.


Gem Singer
23-Nov-2009, 13:02

The monorail on the CX allows for 445mm of extension.

The tapered bellows that comes with the CX matches the 445mm monorail length.

Have you figured out how to add a longer monorail to accomodate a longer bellows?

Instead of trying to add a longer bellows, there are auxiliary lenses available that will allow close-up work without lengthening the bellows.

23-Nov-2009, 17:52
hi brian

toyo doesn't sell an extra long rail for that camera, if you want one, you might need
to have one custom made ... and then get an adapter for their long bellows :)