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11-Nov-2009, 06:11
Hello, please anybody know if the camera Philips are still in product ( 4*5 or 8*10 ) ?

If yes, what is the contact to bought one ?

Thanks a lot

Michael Jones
12-Nov-2009, 05:32
Dick is ending his camera making career and finally retiring. I am not sure he has any cameras left. Try calling him at 517-835-7897. Good luck.


S. Preston Jones
12-Nov-2009, 15:58
For your information, Dick has sold his house and is moving to Texas this weekend. I am not sure of the exact day. His area code is 989 not 517. I am also not sure if the phone is still active. When he gets to Texas, he will keep the same email address. It may be some time before he gets set up in Texas. He said he will be able to repair some of the cameras, but not make new ones. The last cameras he was making were 4x5's. I also do not know if he has any left over stock.


13-Nov-2009, 21:30
Anyone can send me his email? The one I have doesn't work anymore. I might need his help on my Compact II camera.

Kirk Gittings
13-Nov-2009, 21:54
Under the best of circumstances Dick could be hard to get a hold of. With him moving you might not hear from him for awhile. If I had an issue with mine (I own one) that I needed fixed in a relative hurry, and couldn't get ahold of Dick, I would talk to Richard Ritter. These cameras are not that complicated and I suspect Richard could fix most anything wrong with one.