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Atul Mohidekar
9-Nov-2009, 00:06
I have created a meet-up group for San Francisco Bay Area large format photographers:


The main goal of the group is to make it easy for San Francisco Bay Area Large Format Photographers to meet/network with the fellow LFers and get involved in the activities related to LF photography such as show your photography work, exchange prints, location photography with the LF gear at nearby places, show your LF photography equipment, discuss techniques, etc.

I'm planning to setup a meet-up once a month after few members join the group.

Please join the group and spread the word. I'm looking forward to meeting with other LFers.

// Atul

Atul Mohidekar
10-Nov-2009, 17:13
Many thanks to those who have already joined this local meetup group.

I will bump this thread a few times to see if we could get more people to join.


// Atul

Atul Mohidekar
8-Dec-2009, 13:36
We have our first meetup scheduled on Sat. Dec. 12th. Given the small size of the LF community, I'm encouraged by the member response. If you live in the San Franciso Bay Area, this is a good opportunity to meet with other fellow large format photographers. You could still join the meetup group and show up for the meetup this weekend.

// Atul

15-Dec-2009, 13:58
I was one of the lucky fellows to attend this meeting, which Atul so
graciously set up and hosted in his home, the prints were gorgeous
and conversation lively, and I think all who attended would agree.

15-Dec-2009, 18:47
Wish I could have attended this meeting, but am happy to add myself to the attendees for future Bay Area meetings. (any on the left side of the Bay? I live in the City and don't venture out to the East or South bays very often... the entropy here is strong.)

A city meet-up timed with First Thursday gallery openings in & around 49 Geary could be a compelling idea.

-Brian A.M.

15-Dec-2009, 22:03
this news was so good

Atul Mohidekar
16-Dec-2009, 00:05
Thanks for the kind words, dasBlute.

We had a great time showing/looking at and discussing the prints that everyone brought along, talking about local photography locations, LF gear, LF processes, etc. I really enjoyed the interesting visions portrayed in different prints and listening to different people expressing different viewpoints about each print.

For those who would like to be notified of the future group meetings, please sign up at the meetup site:

I'm planning on at least one meetup every month. Next one would be around 3rd week of Jan. 2010. I will post an announcement here in the forum after the date and tentative agenda have been finalized.

// Atul

18-Jul-2010, 10:44
I'm happy to discover this. I live in San Francisco and would like to attend a local LF meet-up. Lately vie been working on a series of 8x10 portrait of photographers I know, and taking my Crown Graphic w/flash to Parties.

Atul Mohidekar
18-Jul-2010, 11:24
So far we have had seven gatherings - typically once a month. Most of them have been field trips to nearby locations:

It has been a lot of fun. A social gathering is works in near future.

The next field trip is scheduled on the next weekend, Saturday July 24th at Garrapata State Park:

We would love to see more people join the group and the meetups.

// Atul

20-Jul-2010, 13:25
I also think brianam's idea of 'A city meet-up timed with First Thursday gallery openings in & around 49 Geary could be a compelling idea.', I'll post it to the group meetup ideas section; btw some of us are meeting at the Carmel Sexton exhibit this Sat @ 1pm. Let's go see some great prints!

20-Jul-2010, 13:59
Will see you there this weekend

21-Jul-2010, 12:05
This was too funny -- I had separately made plans to come down to Carmel this Saturday and see the Sexton photos. And now I see there also will be a meet-up? Perfect timing! See you there..