View Full Version : Open House at new Location

bob carnie
4-Nov-2009, 09:54
Anyone that is in the Toronto area this Saturday are welcome to our Grand Opening at our new location.
We will be starting at 9:30 am and ending at 5pm all are welcome
www.elevatordigital.ca for directions


gene LaFord
4-Nov-2009, 19:57
Wish I could be there for this event. Best of luck.


5-Nov-2009, 06:46
Fantastic Bob, a big congratulation!

I drop by to take in a bit of the festivity.


Steve Sherman
6-Nov-2009, 17:53
Best wishes Bob

The previous lab was to die for, I'm sure this one is as well.

Hope you have plenty of Dumante!

Glenn Thoreson
22-Nov-2009, 18:39
I accept with information: that is in the Toronto area this Saturday are welcome to our Grand Opening at our new location.
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What does this have to do with anything? :(

Ralph Barker
22-Nov-2009, 20:16
Congrats on the new location, Bob. I hope it works well for you.

Set out an old-fashion glass of DD-X for me. I'll be there in spirit.

Kirk Gittings
22-Nov-2009, 20:23
Terrific-wish I could be there!

bob carnie
23-Nov-2009, 07:56
Thanks for all the kind words.

The opening was a great success, we were packed all day, we had the whole operation going . We invited our neighbourhood with 7500 foldover mailers to come to the shop and have a portrait taken and walk away with a matted print for no charge. This actually works quite well as we are still having people drop in who got the mailer.
We had 75 sittings , familys, couples , singles, children, dancers, pets, We photographed on white with our phase, edited on spot with the sitter, sent to our inkjet or lambda to make the print, then we cut matts on our autocutter while the sitters watched all the gear working and had ice/cream and lemonade.
It was quite an eye opener to see each persons fascination with the whole process unfolding right before their eyes. This for me was fun as I take for granted this process we all do and seeing peoples interest was great.

Our Client photgraphic show was and still is quite well recieved, We stacked images on top of each other or surrounded large images with smaller ones on each wall.
Sandy Kings image drew lots of attention, it is an amazing tree,, most people commented that they thought it was ink etching on paper.

I am happy it is over but I think once a year around the same time we will open our house to the public,, it was lots of fun.
I will put up a link to show the opening and our shop shortly.