View Full Version : Angels & Insects at U. of Notre Dame

3-Nov-2009, 17:52
I'm a little late in getting this out, but better late than never! Selections from my award-winning Angels & Insects (http://www.angelsandinsects.com) collection of large format photographs will be on display at the University of Notre Dame through November 20th, 2009.


Link to info page at the university: http://www.nd.edu/~art/calendar/photo.htm

Steve Wright
25-Nov-2009, 10:18
My God those are beautiful. I live in Central Indiana and totally missed this announcement when I was in Valparaiso recently. If you can, go to the Chesterton Art Gallery and see Greg Gallagher's LF exhibit soon.

30-Nov-2009, 05:18
Thanks, Steve. As far as I know they're still up for viewing. At least I haven't gotten them back yet!