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largeformat apt
3-Nov-2009, 13:15
I was hoping to form a loose group called the "Leaf Shutters" by email. We could have a subject and shoot and then pass our prints around by post. Also if traveling we could meet and socialize on the way through. Also for advice and maybe buying power from overseas. I was hoping to have people from all states. I have thought about it since the meet in Sydney which I wanted, yet couldn't attend. I would enjoy the visit now and again from a passing fellow large format shooter and would like the same when traveling. I guess I want to get away a little more from the digital "E" world. There would be nothing formal, just for the large format people to know each other. If you are interested send me a PM.
Also the prints only had to be contact prints and you view and then pass on. Don't you like to be able to say contact print and know most people could see the print without a magnifier.
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Oh sorry, I forgot you don't shoot Large Format
Large format Pat

23-Feb-2010, 20:07
I am up for this.

craig nye
23-Feb-2010, 23:02
i would also be up for this.