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3-Nov-2009, 02:05
The Monoball p0: a whole new knobless tripod head

With the p0 tripod head equipped with the patented Monoball (Planetary) P system, ARCA-SWISS consolidates its position as the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of tripod heads, a position it has held for over 50 years.

There are currently two P system tripod heads: the p0 designed for use by photographers looking for precision equipment at an affordable price; and the p1, a tripod head with a wider diameter that is capable of handling the greater demands of heavy telephoto lenses or even 8x10” large format cameras. High performance solutions for both amateurs and professionals based on the traditional ARCA-SWISS quality.

The p0 is a revolutionary tripod head design due to it precision, ease of use and its extraordinarily strong, concentric and uniform locking force. It’s called Knobless because the traditional locking knobs have been removed and replaced by an ingenious geared mechanism. The p0 is precise, stylish, light and very strong – a hand of steel in a velvet glove!

At first glance...

The first thing you notice is that there are no knobs. You can grasp the tripod head from any angle, left or right and block it simply by turning the knurled part. There’s no longer any need to fumble for the locking knob! The tripod head is equipped with three locking elements, arranged around the ball like planets. These locking elements apply a uniform force around the ball ensuring a smooth movement of the camera in any axis. As the camera is placed directly on the ball and not on its neck, the movements are as stable as if they were on a rubber ring. The patented aspherical ball also creates a gravitational friction force thus preventing sudden camera movement. The panning system is unconventionally located just below the camera mount, providing a panoramic rotation that remains in line with the vertical.

Not only is the p0 particularly affordable (from $ 249), but it also offers a tilt ball range of 90° and 360° panning. Despite its super light weight of only 9,9 ounces and compact format, it has unbeatable locking power.

ARCA-SWISS has gone one step further to offer you two camera mounts for the p0:

- The ¼ basic model ships with a 3/8 adaptor. This Universal adaptor will enable you to attach any make of camera. And, you can upgrade your p0 at any time by buying a Slidefix kit.

- The new patented Slidefix system designed by ARCA-SWISS, offers a large selection of rapid mounting adaptor plates so that you can attach your camera to the tripod head in an instant.

p0 - dimensions: H = 74 mm, diameter = 60 mm

The monoball p1, the p0’s big brother

More robust and solid (17,5 ounces) than its baby brother, the p1 is capable of handling the greater demands of heavy telephoto lenses or large format cameras. In addition, this tripod head also provides a preset friction adjustment.

p1-dimensions*: H = 88 mm, diameter = 75 mm

Doug Dolde
3-Nov-2009, 10:36
Looks very cool. Will it replace a Z1 DP functionally, or at least allow panning without losing its level?

Sascha Welter
3-Nov-2009, 15:43
Doug, the way I read this sentence here, yes, it looks like there is that kind of setup: "The panning system is unconventionally located just below the camera mount, providing a panoramic rotation that remains in line with the vertical."

3-Nov-2009, 16:17
Nice to hear from the Arca mail dept. It was announced 3 months ago.............
on other forums

To flimsly for most LF cameras..... so what ? you're in the wrong forum :mad:
Please announce the P1:p :p (that I use since a few months)

Dear Arca mail departement , can you please answer my mails from september or need I also wait 3 months ? ?

4-Nov-2009, 04:50
Sorry, after checks, we did not receive an e-mail of your share. Please, henceforth do not wait 3 months, the e-mails lose themselves too!!

4-Nov-2009, 17:51
Hi Maud,

I send you 3 mails, the last one was one week ago.......... I did also take a few times the phone but everybody was busy. A lady said that someone will call back ,(nothing till today). I found my answers elsewhere :-))

The P0 is definitly to flimsy for LF and the new "arca standard" with the Slidefix is only compatible to your own new standard.

I think it's a better to promote the P1 in this forum :-))

11-Nov-2009, 06:55
Hello Maud, is it the P0 strong to work with 4 kg 4*5 inch camera look like a Linhof Technika ?


16-Nov-2009, 03:06
Hello!! Of course, you can work with the P0 and your 4*5 without problem!!!
The P0 can support a weight of 20 Kg.

16-Nov-2009, 08:54
can you post a link to the product on your website? I can't find it.

16-Nov-2009, 15:30
Great news for some new products, especially the never before uttered words "affordable Arca" product!

I would be curious to see some photos of the p1 and pricing. I know that tripod heads can "support" large amounts of weight, but they are not necessarily stable with large amounts of weight. I have an Arca Z1 ball head which is fantastic and works great with an Arca F-Line Metric 4x5 camera. However, it is overwhelmed by my Wehman 8x10 camera even though technically it can support the weight. So I would be curious to see the p1 info and read a review for 8x10.

17-Nov-2009, 01:42
In my opinion the P0 's to flimsly for most LF cameras.
Take the P1 and you will be happy (for LF use).
Infos at www.precisioncameraworks.com

17-Nov-2009, 09:38
Interesting. I use my Arca Swiss 8x10 on a B1(like Z1) with no trouble at all and up to the 600mm Fujinon C.
But the above members are right to check as leverage weight is greater than scale weight.

18-Nov-2009, 04:09
More robust and solid (500g) than its baby brother, the Arca P1 is capable of handling the greater demands of heavy telephoto lenses or large format cameras.

Juergen Sattler
18-Nov-2009, 05:16
Frankly, I refuse to do business with a company who, in this day and age, does not even offer a website for informational purposes. It is close to impossible to communicate with them - see Ralph's experience. How expensive can it be to design and publish a website?

19-Nov-2009, 01:52
see you soon...

19-Nov-2009, 09:03
see you soon...

welcome to the new millenium!

22-Nov-2009, 18:59
the web site 's in construction since 2001 :D :D :D