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Sean Galbraith
31-Oct-2009, 05:37
If you're in Canada, Bravo will start to air my new TV series called photoXplorers on Thursday Nov. 5 at 7:30. The 6-episode series follows myself and my photo collective through various abandoned buildings in Europe (all without permission). It was shot prior to my LF days (i.e. yesterday) but some of you might find it interesting. It also will start airing on TravelUK on Nov. 13, and on Discovery Asia at some currently unknown point.

Sean Galbraith
31-Oct-2009, 08:25
Article about the show:

John Powers
31-Oct-2009, 12:20
Sounds interesting. Is there a plan to also broadcast the series in the US?


31-Oct-2009, 13:30
Saw the ads a couple of nights ago. Remember the ad but not what I was watching :) I've set the computer to remind me of the airings. Thanks

Sean Galbraith
31-Oct-2009, 16:36
Right now the show doesn't have US distribution, but Bravo might have the episodes online. I'll update if that's the case.

jim kitchen
31-Oct-2009, 16:59
Dear Sean,

Well done...

I hope the series brings you, and your associates, great success.

jim k

1-Nov-2009, 09:10
Will there be any way for non- Bravo subscribers to see it sometime in the future?

Paul Kierstead
1-Nov-2009, 09:24
Tim, it is playing on at least one other channel besides Bravo here; our local CTV affiliate. Check your listings.

My PVR is set to record the series :)

Sean Galbraith
1-Nov-2009, 20:38
As Paul said, CTV and A-Channel will be airing the first episode a couple days after it airs on Bravo. I don't know if episodes 2-6 will be airing as well on non-Bravo stations.

If there are any Brits here, it will be airing on Travel UK:
http://travelchannel.co.uk/photoXplorers.asp (I'm the guy removing his hat as he climbs through the broken door).

Robert Skeoch
6-Nov-2009, 15:22
Hope to catch it.

Sean Galbraith
6-Nov-2009, 18:16
Episode 1 is online (Canada only, I think)


8-Nov-2009, 20:23
Thanks, it is a wonderful show!

Paul Kierstead
8-Nov-2009, 22:38
Watched it tonight. Very interesting, I look forward to future episodes! Was disappointed no one packed in an LF there though :)

9-Nov-2009, 10:30
Episode 1 is online (Canada only, I think)


Although it will play the annoying ad to U.S. viewers, the show itself doesn't play.

9-Nov-2009, 10:37
I also enjoyed watching it
well done Sean...

Daniel Grenier
9-Nov-2009, 15:52
Really interesting, Sean. Bravo indeed !

Sean Galbraith
12-Nov-2009, 13:12

Episode 2 is tonight: an abandoned TB hospital north of Paris.

Sean Galbraith
13-Nov-2009, 07:47
Episode 2 online (Canada only) http://watch.bravo.ca/#clip221229

13-Nov-2009, 22:47
Just watched them both. Very interesting. Looking forward to more....

Sean Galbraith
15-Nov-2009, 20:12
Thanks! Glad you like it.

16-Nov-2009, 23:12
Wish I could see it here in the US.

Sean Galbraith
17-Nov-2009, 07:34
US distribution is still being worked out.

It is also on in Australia, Thailand, and a large chunk of Europe.

Sean Galbraith
7-Apr-2010, 08:28
It seems the show has been picked up in the US, and will air on the Halogen network (air dates are still to be determined)

Sean Galbraith
3-Jun-2010, 07:23
Episode 1 is now on YouTube

D. Bryant
3-Jun-2010, 12:00
Episode 1 is now on YouTube

Very cool! An interesting twist on reality TV.

Don Bryant