View Full Version : October has been good to me

23-Oct-2009, 19:03
So, just wanted to mention a few good things that have happened recently...

PDN has invited me to be part of their annual review '30'

Burn magazine is running a porfolio of mine

Daylight magazine is running a portfolio of mine

I have a show going up here in Nashville on Sunday

... and Im heading to ethiopia to shoot another body of work.

Good stuff.

Renato Tonelli
23-Oct-2009, 19:50
Sounds to me like you're on a roll! May you keep on rolling'.:)

David Karp
23-Oct-2009, 20:13
Awesome. Congratulations.

Jeremy Moore
23-Oct-2009, 20:24

Kirk Gittings
23-Oct-2009, 21:11
There is some great work on your site. Congratulations.

Frank Petronio
23-Oct-2009, 21:39
Congrats Hollis, good luck in Ethiopia.

23-Oct-2009, 21:47
Where in Nashville? I would love to see it.

Tom Conway
24-Oct-2009, 05:43
Congrats! We all need "good news" this year. . .have a successful trip to Ethiopia.

24-Oct-2009, 14:04
I have work up in the airport right now and the show going up tomorrow has actually not been decided as to what location. Its kind of a last minute thing.

Anyways, thanks all.