View Full Version : Yosemite Workshop - Digital Negs, Platinum and Gum

Kerik Kouklis
19-Oct-2009, 13:20
There are still some openings for a workshop I am teaching for the Ansel Adams Gallery (http://www.anseladams.com/index.asp?PageAction=VIEWPROD&ProdID=2275) in Yosemite next month. If you think you might be interested, act soon as the deadline to sign up is about a week away. If you have any questions or want more info, feel free to drop me a line. The workshop is held in Ansel's old teaching darkroom and November is a great time to be in the park.

David Schachman
22-Oct-2009, 08:06
I just wanted to put in a plug for Kerik and this workshop. I recently took a digital negative gum workshop from Kerik and it was terrific. Kerik is fun to spend time with and a patient and excellent teacher. His platinum gum and wet plate prints are wonderful. Plus, you will be in Yosemite! What a great opportunity - you will have a great time and be up and running on your own immediately.

Dave Aharonian
22-Oct-2009, 09:10
I'd like to take it again simply because the first time was so much fun! I 'll second what David just said.

Kerik Kouklis
22-Oct-2009, 10:04
Thanks, guys! And anyone is welcome, even if your name isn't David. :)

Jeremy Moore
22-Oct-2009, 12:17
Kerik is an amazing photographer who is ALSO a great teacher. Go get your learn on.

Andrew ren
22-Oct-2009, 17:34
I totally agree with Dave and Jeremy.

Hope there will be one @ north Michigan for gum over next summer..