View Full Version : Kodak Master View DIY handle

15-Oct-2009, 08:38
I made a handle for my Kodak Master 8x10 from an old neck strap and wanted to share it with you. The original leather handle on these cameras tends to rot, so often you see these being sold with the rotting leather handle wrapped in some kind of tape. That's how I bought mine. But the tape creates residue which annoyed me. This little handle took only about 10 minutes to make.

15-Oct-2009, 10:12
That looks perfect, Nick. Nice in British Racing Green... Love to see more of the camera.

You have a thing about wrapping things up, admit it... :)

Cheers, Maurits

20-Mar-2011, 12:23
I'm real nit picker about names. You call your camera a Kodak Master which is CORRECT! It is not a Master View. Thats a Monorail. And by the way thats a neat handle!

Daniel Stone
20-Mar-2011, 13:56
but its a "VIEW" camera Ken ;). I have an 8x10 KM"V", and that's how I refer to it, KMV.

Most people who own one also, I'd gather, would probably agree with me, but don't bet the farm on it :D