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The Muid
12-Oct-2009, 08:09
Hi everyone,

I've got a Toyo 810G and I've been thinking for a while about doing Ambrotypes and Daguerreotypes with it. To do these I need glass plate holders.

I'm wondering if anyone knows if there re any companies who currently make these? Or are there any available online in 8x10" format? I'd prefer to use one made out of plastic as opposed to wood, and I need it to be able to fit into the modern LF camera.

Also, are there any 4x5" versions available anywhere? (I haven't yet started using this format, but hope to get a kit soon).

Thanks for your time and your help.

All the best,

Diarmuid :cool:

12-Oct-2009, 08:17
you can make one froma strandar holder. you cut out the septum. obviously you will not be able to shoot 8x10, only sometihng smaller. 5x7 will work...maybe WP if you get lucky.

the problem with conversion holders si they introduce a lot of contaminates onto the plate. it is amazing how this stuff travels around as if by magic.

the best is a dedicated "book" style holder for WP. best you can do.

dry plate holders can be used but they too have their own issues.

it is fun to shoot so use what you can.

a dedicated camera would be the best situation IMO.


Michael Carter
15-Oct-2009, 14:00
Yes, there are folks who mfg. wet plate holders. Not dry plate holders, though. You have the starcameracompany and the blackartwoodcraft company and tystintypes for three of 'em. They want to have your camera in hand to adapt a totally new back that may be removed at any time. Inserts change the back to other sizes.
If I wanted to or was ready to make wet plates I'd send the largest sized camera I had to have a new back made for it that had different sizes large to small.

The Muid
20-Oct-2009, 06:23
Thank you very much for your suggestions, I found them really helpful :)



26-Nov-2009, 19:43
I have a couple of holders that are labeled "Bromoil Holder". They are about 1/4 inch wider than a standard film holder. I ran the non-hinge side of the holders through a table saw and they now fit my standard 8x10 camera just fine. Inside, the holders have inserts for 1/4 plate, 4x5, 5x7, half plate and 8x10.

You might keep your eyes open for such a holder on the auction sites. They work great for wet plate.

26-Nov-2009, 20:24
Diarmuid ,
Hey this is easy. Take a holder and mill out the center for the plate size you wish to shoot. You must leave about 1/2 " or more around the outside for strength and to drill & place the thin silver wire.

The focal plane is correct & it is the cheapest and best for modern cameras.

Eddie's right ... it is a sloopy process so a beater camera is best.