View Full Version : How to fix a new leather grip on a DDorff?

8-Oct-2009, 15:03
Hi, I got with my NFS DDorff 8x10 a new leather grip and 4 metal parts, but I'm not sure how to fix the leather grip on the wood. Probably I'll have to fill first the holes with wood mastic or epoxy, let it dry out, then drill a hole and hammer these metal parts in it....did I get something wrong? Also, I would like to know the best way of restoring the large wooden parts, strip of the laquer etc...? Which kind of laquer should be used?

thank's and cheers

Robert A. Zeichner
8-Oct-2009, 15:27
If what you received were the correct parts, you should have two metal straps that straddle the strap and that have holes in them for the rivets to pass through. Then you should have some split rivets that go through the straps and the camera box and stick out from the inside surface of that box. You have to split the rivets and bend each half up and into the box. If you have holes already drilled in the camera, you may just be able to reuse those, but you will have to inspect the underside to see if the wood on the inside hasn't been butchered too badly. Can you send a digital picture?

9-Oct-2009, 02:31
Aah, ok, now I understand: these rivets have to go *through* the wood and be bent on the other side. I'll check that tonight! Many thanks. Btw, what do you recommend for restoring the wooden parts?


9-Oct-2009, 04:44
do you really want the new DD handle? i ask as i would either use a handle that could be attached to the existing hardware or find another way as i would not want to screw it up replacing the rivets. sometimes more damage than good results.

9-Oct-2009, 05:02
Best to remove the rear bellows and frame. There are 8 screws on the outside of the box that hold the bellows in.

Bob Chambers
9-Oct-2009, 07:10
You could send it to Richard Ritter, he did this somewhat difficult repair on my 5x7 ddorff and it was flawless.

9-Oct-2009, 07:36
Hi, thank's for your comments. Sending the camera located in Europe to the US is not easy and very costy....unfortunately.

9-Oct-2009, 10:48
Torsten, I think you need to remove the bellows from the rear frame which is why I never got around to doing it.

Jon Wilson
10-Oct-2009, 17:45
Torsten, I think you need to remove the bellows from the rear frame which is why I never got around to doing it.

You are right. When I restored my V8, before I replaced the bellows, I install the brackets to hold the handle with a T-nut fitted to the inside of the frame and screwed the bracket down to hold the handle. Thus, I would not have to take the bellows out again to replace the handle.

Here is a picture of a T-nut which I used on my dorf

There is also a great thread on restoring a Century Universal 8x10 and another LF'er had an example of another method of installing the camera handle. You might light to read thru that thread for additional information.