View Full Version : Using a 23 Graphic on a Graflock Back

5-Oct-2009, 12:10
I believe my Crown Graphic has a graflock back but I can't figure out how I am suppose to attach my roll film back (model: "23" Graphic)

Can anyone out there give me an idea of how to put this thing on?

Dan Fromm
5-Oct-2009, 12:32
http://www.graflex.org/speed-graphic/features.html#GraflokBack shows what a Graflok back looks like.

If you have one, mounting a roll holder is simple:

remove the focusing panel by depressing the two arms (image in upper right hand corner) and sliding it to the right.

make sure the two Graflok sliders are in the "open" position

place the roll holder on the gate

slide the two Graflok sliders down (the upper on) and up (the lower one) to engage the back.

5-Oct-2009, 12:47
Just figured it out but thanks so much!

5-Oct-2009, 12:48
but now, how do I frame a picture?

Dan Fromm
5-Oct-2009, 13:58
If your Crown has a rangefinder and it is calibrated for the lens you're using, you can focus with the RG and compose with the tubular viewfinder, if your camera has one, or the wire frame finder, which is built-in.

If no or uncalibrated RF, shoot from tripod and focus and compose on the ground glass. That's what I do.

Greg Lockrey
5-Oct-2009, 15:03
Or you can use the sport finder... that wire thingy on the lens holder.

6-Oct-2009, 11:28
The ground glass will often have four corners corresponding to the opening in the 23 (6X9 cm) holder. Frame using the corners. If your ground glass does not have such markings, then you may make the four corners on the view side of the glass with a black sharpie. However, it may become semi permanent. Or use an erasable marker for dry white board. The corners are usually just about a quarter inch in each direction from the corners.

You can locate them on the ground glass by mounting the film holder and then opening the back and removing the insert and dark slide. Then the film back will act as a template for the opening to use for framing.

You may want to get another ground glass and mark it this way permanently if you are planning to shoot much 2X3 (6X9 cm) roll film.

In case this is still mysterious, you cannot frame with the holder on the camera. You frame and lock your settings with the ground glass (properly marked) and then remove the ground glass assembly and lock in the roll film holder (WITHOUT interrupting the camera position).

8-Oct-2009, 18:47
Well isn't that just a pain in the ass. I wish there was a way to shoot with the correct framelines handheld...

8-Oct-2009, 19:08
There is... just make a mask for the VF.