View Full Version : some nudes w/ Polaroid 4X5 and HP5

3-Oct-2009, 07:14
Dear all;

The converted Polaroid seems to be working out for it's intended purpose.

The photo's in the following link were all on HP5, and commercial processing. I had some issues with the first set of shots from the grafmatic, so I took me out of the loop as much as possible, and the lab got images, not all black negatives, so ..... it was me the first time!

The film set is here:

The whole set, Polaroid, Digital, Film is here:

The user is Guest ( capital G), and the password is matrix.

These are NUDE photos, if that offends you, or is not within your work policy, don't look!

Please feel free to C&C


4-Oct-2009, 00:33
I'd like to see some shots with light in the models eyes. maybe just with a reflector card.

Steve Wright
6-Oct-2009, 07:36
Very dramatic light! Was the light pretty much directly overhead for those?

Robert Hughes
6-Oct-2009, 10:09
It looks like a big softlight directly overhead, AKA a "porn light". Very appropriate for his photos, no?

6-Oct-2009, 21:04
This was a beauty dish on a boom, single light, about as simple as it gets. I've never heard it called a porn lighting before though.