View Full Version : Lodima Fine Art Paper Update 9/25/09

Michael A. Smith
25-Sep-2009, 10:47
The paper has been coated.

More information regarding delivery schedule will be announced as soon as we know something definite.

Michael A. Smith

John Bowen
25-Sep-2009, 19:02

thanks for the update!

Jan Pedersen
25-Sep-2009, 19:32
Exiting, can't wait to see how the grade 2 will print.

Turner Reich
25-Sep-2009, 21:28
What happened to the Brett Weston series?

Will any paper be available to those who didn't preorder?


Michael A. Smith
26-Sep-2009, 00:07
Paper will be available to those who have not placed a pre-order, but only in 8x10, 11x14, and 20x24. Sizes 9x11, 10x12, 8x20, and 16x20 are available on pre-order only. We cannot afford to stock paper for which there may be little demand, although we can have it made to order (with no extra charge!) when the paper is being made.

There is still time to place an order for those sizes we will not stock as the paper is not cut and boxed yet. Before that can happen, the emulsion needs to harden. I will announce the timing of all of this soon, but if you want one of those non-stocked sizes, I would not wait too long if I were you.

I am in Belgium printing books and the The Brett Weston series is being printed now. The printing will be finished next week. The delay is due to our lack of funds. We are losing money on every book and cannot afford to print more quickly because of that. Anyone want to give us a small grant for this (for our shortfall, not for the entire cost)?

Michael A. Smith

John Bowen
26-Sep-2009, 03:51
The Brett Weston Series is just marvelous. I believe you can still subscribe to this series. I am receiving the hard cover editions and cherish the books I have while looking forward to receiving the rest.

Beautifully printed. A must for any Brett Weston fan.



Doug Howk
26-Sep-2009, 05:12
Two Christmas presents (Brett & Lodima). The tree will have to go up early. We give thanks.

Turner Reich
26-Sep-2009, 21:03
I'm so sorry that I cannot give a grant, the series will be a great addition to the library of photograph and history, it's too bad in a country like this that more can't be done to bring these kinds of materials to life. The best of luck with the project and spreading them out is fine, they are well worth waiting for.

I tried the sample Lodima and it's premo! Too bad cash flow is so prevalent at a time when the desire to buy the best is upon us.