View Full Version : Carmel Art and Film Festival, 8 - 11 Oct.

Jim collum
24-Sep-2009, 17:10

"The Carmel Art and Film Festival is designed as a celebration of art in all its forms: painting, sculpture, printmaking, music, photography and film will all be represented in our inaugural year. The mission of the festival is to put art in as many places as possible around Carmel, so that visitors will feel immersed in an artistic adventure. Coupled with the village’s breathtaking vistas, miles of sandy white beaches, world class hotels, restaurants and shopping, the festival, with its emphasis on a wide variety of arts, offers out of town art lovers a truly unique weekend getaway and gives locals an excuse to renew their love affair with the area’s rich artistic tradition."

I managed to get 2 images selected to hang in their photography show, which will be hanging throughout the month of October at the Sunset Center in Carmel.

11x14 Pt over Pigment prints


If you're in the area during that time, it should provide an excellent experience (not to mention that the Weston Gallery and Photography West Gallery are also in town )