View Full Version : Bellows extension viability for the Chamonix 045N

20-Sep-2009, 20:13
Not that I've looked everywhere...
But I cannot find a bellows extension kit for the Chamonix 045N.
The camera is very sturdy.
I believe a person could easily add on another 3 inches of travel to the front standard and use it with the universal bellows.
It would simply extend the most forward screw position by using the last one on the track and displacing it with a duplicate screw position at 3" or so...
That's over 470 mm of bellows.
I drew up an adapter in CAD, could have it machined, and even anodized if it's made in Aluminum.
We have an R&D machine shop at work...
My question is if this will jeopardize the bellows, cause it to tear, etc,...???
I have no experience with this part of it.
Another way is to have an intermediate bellows...
But that seems complicated, exotic, and costly compared to replacing the universal bellows via wear and tear...


20-Sep-2009, 20:54
I didn't like the style of the oem chamonix extension bracket and didn't want to wait so I made my own. Easy to do and no harm to the bellows yet shooting with quite a bit of extra extension. There's pics in this thread:


21-Sep-2009, 07:52
Yep,... exactly what I was talking about.

Thanks Vinny.