View Full Version : Lost Ebony focusing frame, would a Horseman work?

17-Sep-2009, 11:26
Hello, I've acquired an Ebony RW45 with no focussing frame, this whole part is missing:


I'm just finding my feet with large format and I don't know if a Horseman 4x5 back would work. I've contacted Ebony in Japan (who are super helpful!) but the price of a new frame is beyond my budget. I don't know what to do.

Help! Any advice?

Steve Hamley
17-Sep-2009, 15:42
I actually have an extra in mahogany, not the ebony wood you linked to. I bought it as a spare for testing GG and fresnels. They aren't cheap as you know, I think I have about $225 or so in it. PM me if you're interested. It isn't cosmetically perfect, but it's in 8+ condition.