View Full Version : LF'rs wanted: Large Format and the NUDE - 9/27

matthew blais
17-Sep-2009, 08:07
I have put together a small informal shoot with 3 models (art nudes) for Sunday the 27th in Riverside at a new studio. Start time 10:00 am.

Gustavo Castilla, Myself and Dan Dozer participating so far. NEED THREE PHOTOGRAPHERS Looking to have 6 photographers. Cost is $85 and pays the model fees and studio rental. No profit here...Large space with several shoot areas, strobe lighting and hot lighting available. Also large bay door to use for natural lighting.

if you've never used strobes and wish to learn, for an additional $40 at 9:00 am you'll get an hour instruction from myself and Dan Dozer.

Studio Photo 1 (http://www.matthewblaisphotography.com/clients/studio1.jpg)

Studio Photo 2 (http://www.matthewblaisphotography.com/clients/studio2.jpg)

Two confirmed models (casting for third) shown as attachments. I've worked with both before.

If interested, please email me. Need to reserve by 9/23

matthew blais
17-Sep-2009, 08:21
Oh, and if you'd rather shoot medium format or other FILM cameras, that's fine.

matthew blais
17-Sep-2009, 15:20
Third model has confirmed. Jeska Vardinski, who has a ton of experience...

Frank Petronio
17-Sep-2009, 18:21
i know her, she is great, funny as hell. Have fun. Photographers nude too?

matthew blais
18-Sep-2009, 09:13
Only if paid extra $$ Frank. :)

matthew blais
19-Sep-2009, 15:33
Bumpity bump

matthew blais
21-Sep-2009, 13:35
Still looking to add two more photographers

Dan Dozer
21-Sep-2009, 14:57
To any of you out there considering this work session - I did my first work shop of this type with Matt and Gustavo nearly 2 years ago. I was very apprehensive at first being my first time working with nude models, but the experience was great, I learned a lot, and it was a lot of fun. The models were great to work with and I got to meet/network with other LF photographers. Here is a chance to work with three experienced models (and model photographers). If you haven't done this type of work before, don't worry - we'll all help you through it.

Only two spots left - why don't you sign up and try it? You won't regret it.

matthew blais
24-Sep-2009, 09:35
One spot left

Tracy Storer
24-Sep-2009, 14:05
$85 is cheap, people don't know what they're missing....Good models can easily be $75/hour with no studio

Jim Fitzgerald
24-Sep-2009, 17:21
I was originally in on this shoot but I had to bail do to the fact that I have to move into a bigger place this weekend. take advantage of this opportunity to shoot with not only some great models but some fine photographers as well. Tracy is right this is one hell of a deal.


matthew blais
25-Sep-2009, 10:48
Gonna miss you Jim... :(

ONE MORE needed...I'll accept a digital shooter at this time..