View Full Version : Bellows for 8x10 Kodak Master

15-Sep-2009, 15:38
This is for those of you who have had bellows repair or replacement for the Kodak 8x10 Master. Mine has a serious inward collapse on the left side which will intrude into any image made with anything that does not stretch the bellows to near full length. Who have you used for repair or replacement?

I love the work from Turner bellows, but the material they use will not come close to matching the original (it is an impregnated fabric that shows the weave), so they are out in this case.

Anyone else who is reliable, please.

Thanks for the advice.


Joanna Carter
15-Sep-2009, 16:03
Custom Bellows (http://www.custombellows.co.uk)

Jim Noel
15-Sep-2009, 16:37
If you are lucky enough to find a company that uses material which matches the original, please let it be known.

15-Sep-2009, 18:20
Thanks, Joanna. I'm hoping to find someone in the US for simplicity on the logistics, but I'll keep it in mind.

Jim, I will definitely post that info if I get that lucky.

Stephen Fritz
15-Sep-2009, 18:51
Mine was done by Custom Bellows (Camera Bellows) a year ago. Turnaround time was just 2 weeks INCLUDING round trip shipping from Oregon! That kind of turnaround time is unlikely even from a domestic supplier, so you should still consider them.

Communication and the new bellows were flawless, but it's probably unrealistic to think the original fabric can be matched by anyone.

What logistics? Just take the old bellows / frames to the post office! Custom Bellows will provide payment info.

matthew blais
15-Sep-2009, 21:32
Jim at Western Bellows did my Master View...took about three weeks. $370. Great job.
I think he's still doing a few but slowing down even more...