View Full Version : Any Meridian Camera afficionados out there?

Ivan J. Eberle
13-Sep-2009, 18:14
I've enjoyed owning and using a nice Meridian 45B for the past year, and since finding it have scoured the web for every tidbit of information about this collectible marque.

So I thought I knew something of the history-- that is, until a Model 45CE (with a different front standard) came up at auction this week. Took a flyer and won it just moments ago for a relatively modest sum.

There's only one mention to be found on the web of the possibility of a few Model C prototypes. Anybody have any more light to shed?

Ivan J. Eberle
17-Sep-2009, 11:17
My, my... Apparently nobody's ever heard tell of one of these.

Not to gloat, but this might be the only known one-- and I now have it in my hot lil hands! For just about exactly what I earlier paid for a plain-Jane 45B. (Gotta love this recession!)

Cosmetically better than expected, and has a vastly improved swing and shift mechanism over the simple flat knob on my 45B. Other subtle changes, too.

It's definitely a keeper. Gonna clean it up a little... maybe post some pictures (but only if others show interest).

17-Sep-2009, 13:17
Always interested to see unknown cameras! Please post pictures :)

(It's funny how one gets a particular liking for a camera, maybe not the best make, maybe not the most know one - but some "oh boy it speaks to me" charm…)

c :)

Ivan J. Eberle
17-Sep-2009, 18:59
A little obscure maybe, Meridians 45A and 45B cameras are anything but unknown. They've been rather roundly praised down through the years, despite there having been only been 2000 of them ever made, 60 years ago. And they've certainly held up better than other better known marques of the same era. The 45B that I found last fall (after 2 years of looking, I might add) had intact bellows, didn't need more than light cleaning and lubrication.

Got a trip to Yellowstone on tap for next week, so I want to see if this 45CE one is ready for travel. I'll be surprised if the films I just put through it this afternoon fail to pass the light leak test. (Also want to determine just how rare and potentially valuable this one is-- before I go wading into a herd of bison with it.)