View Full Version : Willy Ronis has died

David Spivak-Focus Magazine
12-Sep-2009, 07:16
August 14, 1910 - September 12, 2009.


One of the greatest photographers to have ever lived. The world is a little darker today without his presence.

12-Sep-2009, 10:19
Thanks for the sad notice.
On my wall hangs his naked lady at a wash basin (unfortunately it is a poster, not a real print) -- even so it is beautiful!
I'd certainly agree that he was a fine photographer, but IMO to say "one of the greatest photographers to have ever lived" is quite an exaggeration.

Michael Alpert
14-Sep-2009, 08:35

Thank you. Such lovely, accomplished photographs. Ronis had the ability to retain his faith in the goodness and dignity of human beings while living in the most terrible century of human history. His photographs will survive as reminders of what people in their daily lives can be.

Keith Pitman
14-Sep-2009, 08:49
A fine gentleman. He introduced himself to me on the street in Isle Sur la Sorgue in 2000. He was only 90 then. He told me, "I, too, photographed the Cafe de France." He did it well.

Ron Bose
14-Sep-2009, 13:47
A life well lived, photographically at least ... he continues to be an inspiration ...

QT Luong
18-Sep-2009, 09:00
> On my wall hangs his naked lady at a wash basin

"Le Nu Provencal", his most popular image:

john biskupski
21-Sep-2009, 14:50
I like his Paris street photographs - especially the kids playing in the hold of a river barge approaching Ile St Louis. He apparently used a Foca primarily, could never afford a Leica - be that a lesson to us all.

21-Sep-2009, 17:08
Since making the above post I have been looking into Ronis' work, and find that I didn't fully appreciate its quality and significance. Don't know why I hadn't checked him out before, except that in my mind I have somehow confused him with Marc Ribaud, whose work is also inspirational.
Again, thanks David.