View Full Version : How to build camera with large Willard lens.

9-Sep-2009, 10:47
I have a Willard & Co. lens and would like very much to turn it into a functioning LF camera. It has a bulb shutter installed and includes one stop. I was told that it is a portrait lens due to the curved lens. It is quite large as the diameter is approximately 4.5 inches. I would appreciate any information regarding this lens and what it may have looked like in it's original form. John

Jim Galli
9-Sep-2009, 11:30
The Willard lens is probably a very fine piece and you might want to consider finding an original studio portrait camera with stand. They are a pleasure in use.


They aren't terribly valuable because of the large size and difficulty to ship. The lens board size on the bigger of the 2 cameras is 10X10 inch and the smaller camera's is 9X9 inch. The 4 1/2 diameter Willard would look well balanced on the smaller camera which is an 8X10 inch.