View Full Version : Workshop: Creative Landscape Photography; Capitol Reef NP; October 10-12, 2009

Michael Gordon
1-Sep-2009, 11:02
There is perhaps no greater challenge for a photographer than finding their own creative voice and developing a recognizable personal style. This workshop aims to help both experienced and aspiring fine-art photographers develop creative skills and techniques in the field and in the digital studio.

This workshop will take place in and around Capitol Reef National Park, in Utah. This unique location provides access to an astounding range of photogenic scenery and an endless array of subjects on every scale, from colorful sandstone canyons and riparian desert streams to aspen and conifer forests and high altitude lakes. We will meet on the evening of Friday, October 9th and adjourn around mid-day Monday, October 12.

The workshop is open to anyone with a camera and a basic understanding of exposure. Both film and digital photographers are welcome. Discussion relating to capturing images will focus on digital tools but all other classes will apply equally to digital capture and scanned film.

This workshop is aimed at photographers who want to go beyond the basics and learn how to develop and express their personal vision. We will not spend much time on basic camera operation. We plan to be in the field when the potential for good light exists, but emphasis will be given to developing technique and insight rather than capturing specific images.

For more information and to register, please visit the Gordon-Tal Photographic workshops website (http://www.gtworkshops.com/). Only a few seats remain.

1-Sep-2009, 11:24
I hate being travel-broke... been spending way too much on bulding up my gear to actually use the darned stuff. :(

Looks like a nice outing!!

Michael Gordon
11-Sep-2009, 09:31
....you have to find a way to create something different from the everyday snapshot.

Regardless of the popularity of a location or how many times per day it is photographed, isn't this always the case with ANY photograph one makes?