View Full Version : Geared Rise for Arca Classic Non-Metric F Cameras

neil poulsen
28-Aug-2009, 05:43
My assumption had always been that F-Metric conversion kits would fit only on F-Metric cameras. But, F-Metric conversion kits fit just fine on Classic F (non-metric) cameras. So, if you'd like geared rise on your non-Metric F, consider picking up one of these conversion kits. I just bought the 4x5 171mm version on EBay for a reasonable price.

A detail is that one loses the centimeter scales for calibrated shift. For F-Metric cameras, this scale is on the function carrier; for F (non-metric) cameras, this scale is on the standard.

However, the center-marks (small vertical line) to read the scale still remain on the F-Metric standard and on the F (non-metric) function carrier. So, one can match these two center marks to zero the camera's front and back shift. I don't use shift that often, and rarely (if ever) use calibrated shift, so it's no loss for me. If I ever need calibrated shift, I can carry a small ruler.

Another minor consideration is that, compared to the original non-metric camera, this combination narrows the camera by about 3/4" and fits more conviently into my backpack.

Emmanuel BIGLER
28-Aug-2009, 10:01
Yes, Neil, the fixing dovetail is exactly the same on the F-classic frames and F-metric frames. In fact on the F-metric the whole frame moves on another geared dovetail slide which is self-locking and geraed-controlled.
It is remarkable that F-metric frames are not heavier than F-classic ones. However F-metric function carriers are substantially heavier due to the geared sliding shifts.

I hope that you have observed the small shaft connecting a pair of hidden gears on both sides of the sliding system. By controlling only one gear one one side, the system would be jammed immediately. Both gears being synchronised by the (almost invisible) shaft, the translation works smoothly ! It's magical ;-)

Enjoy !

neil poulsen
28-Aug-2009, 20:53
Yeah, I figured there must be a shaft. Excellent engineering.

I'm really pleased with the final result.