View Full Version : Photoshop for (LF) Photographers workshop schedule

Danny Burk
23-Aug-2009, 13:20
I've posted the "Photoshop for Photographers" workshop schedule for Dec 2009 - Jan 2010. See the link below for full info; it's based in South Bend, IN, just a short drive east of Chicago.


The classes are open to photographers of all formats, but I'd suggest that they are especially suitable for LF (and MF) photographers because greatest emphasis is placed on tools, layers, masks, and selections, tonality correction, color correction, and other essential topics, with conversion from RAW digital files only included if we have some digital shooters who request it.

There are 5-day "Full" classes (M-F) as well as 3-day weekend "Lite" classes (Fri-Sun). Instruction is tailored to each participant, and I want to stress that only techniques useful to photographers are included...no time wasted on graphics-only material!

Feel free to contact me at danny@dannyburk.com with any questions that you may have. The class is suitable for those new to Photoshop, but also includes many advanced techniques.


28-Aug-2009, 04:25
Danny, any chance of drum scan operation being included, or would this be more of a private workshop