View Full Version : Photo Talk at Albuquerque Museum: Edward Ranney

23-Aug-2009, 11:06
In 1978, Ed Ranney began working collaboratively with Charles Ross to photograph the creation of Ross’ earthwork sculpture, Star Axis. Ranney annually photographs Star Axis, a celestial observatory near Las Vegas, New Mexico. Standing eleven stories high and measuring 1/10th of a mile across, this sculpture places viewers inside the trajectory of the earth’s axis. Both Ranney and Ross will talk about their years of collaboration around the project.

The talk takes place on Sunday, August 30 at 1pm at The Albuquerque Museum

The talk is part of the show The Shape of Time: Photographs of Star Axis by Edward Ranney, 1979 – 2009 and it runs from June 28 - September 20, 2009


(Edward makes all of his work with a 5x7)

30-Aug-2009, 09:43
Anyone going?