View Full Version : Fresnel on a Toyo 4x5 Field

17-Aug-2009, 18:21
Hi I have a Toyo 4x5 Field camera. I was at a great workshop a couple weeks ago where I realized my camera would benefit immensely from a Fresnel lens which everyone including the 2 instructors agreed mine does not have as I was remarkably darker than everyone else (except another guy with a Toyo with the same story). I ordered a Toyo from B&H. I opened it today (1 page of directions, all Japanese :)), and when I unscrewed my groundglass, I see that actually there already is installed what looks to be the same thing sandwiched against the groundglass by brackets.


So my questions are:
- Is it just that Toyo Fresnels are worthless?
- or might whatever shipped with the camera be actually different (I am afraid to remove the brackets as they are in really tight.

Your help is very much appreciated!


17-Aug-2009, 19:12
I am afraid that the Toyo ground glass is to blaim and not the fresnel lens.
In your case I would contact B&H and see if you can send the fresnel lens back for a refund.

There have been some threads about GG's, please find and read them.