View Full Version : Fujinon C f12.5 450

11-Aug-2009, 11:46
In view camera lens listings this lens is described with a 52mm filter diameter. The Fuji 450 I own has a 49mm filter so at least there are two versions of this lens. My lens has a chrome shutter ring and is clearly multicoated. Kerry L. Thalmann`s page does not cover this question. Anyone else out there with a Fuji 450 with 49mm filter diameter?

Steve Goldstein
11-Aug-2009, 11:56
I thought I was the only person in the galaxy with a 450mm Fujinon-C taking a 49mm filter. Now there are two of us. I've never seen this variant mentioned anywhere else prior to your post. The serial number of mine is 6402XX. I can't recall offhand which shutter style I've got, or if it's EBC.

Your post might have been better positioned under the "Lenses and Lens Accessories" heading. No harm done.

11-Aug-2009, 12:01
My serial number is 6401##. Welcome to the club ...

11-Aug-2009, 12:59
6401 and 6402. What are the odds?

We should start an odd ball Fuji lens thread in "Lenses and Lens Accessories".

I have an EBC 125mm with 46mm filter ring. Slightly more common than the 450mm y'all have.