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10-Aug-2009, 16:56
Artist’s Statement

“Culture is the lifeblood of peoples... It is what they are, their art, their food.. their personal grace... their soul.

With images on paper, I extend to others the bouquet of a people... It is always a privilege to be offered a sample, a taste of another culture, to listen to the stories, the music, to feel the land, to smell the odors of the kitchen... to feel the wild sage on the skin... to have someone pray for you in a foreign tongue...”

- Richard D’Amore


May 30, 1940 ~ December 14, 2006

Richard D'Amore dedicated more than thirty years to fine art photography,
distinguishing himself as a master printer. He first began his work in Mill Valley,
California, under the tutelage of artist and photographer Walter Chapell. In 1970, Mr.
D'Amore relocated to France with his brother, Robert D'Amore, also a fine art
photographer, to work and study. A powerful collection of his early photographs were
published in Zoom Magazine as early as 1971. During this time, he taught photography at Camberwell College of Art in London, while building a reputation that extended from private collectors to museums and galleries, both in Europe and the United States. Mr.D'Amore's work was featured in Camera, Progresso Fotografico, Photocinema, and Peterson's Photographic Magazine, among other fine publications. His work was also published in Der Erotische Augenblick, by Stern Bibliothek der Fotografie, a compendium of the evolution of fine art erotica. He is listed in the Photographer's Collector's Guide by Lee D. Witkin and Barbara London.
Upon returning to the United States in the late 1970s, Mr. D'Amore continued to
expand his artistic horizons, concurrently working for the celebrated designers,
Charles and Ray Eames in their Venice, California studio.
Using vintage and specialized techniques, such as gum bichromate, carbon,platinum, cyanotypes and hand tinting, Mr. D'Amore took great pride in the handmade print. There is a haunting timelessness to his work, which has been exhibited and collected throughout the world, and appears in a number of prestigious private collections. He was a respected member of the Platypus Group of premier platinum printers and Camera Press, Ltd., London, associations which brought him great joy. His work appears in the Ironworks Portfolio, the first contemporary exhibition of platinum printing.
His photography bears both an intimate and a universal appeal. The best of Mr.
D'Amore, the essence of him, is in each image, presenting his love song to the world,
his inner triumphs and torment, his poet's soul. The discriminating connoisseur and the private collector alike respond to the aesthetic rapture of the elegiac landscapes, the elegant architectural and still life studies, and the extraordinary nudes. Each image evokes an immediate connection to the man, with all his artistic integrity and all his personal grace.
Mr. D'Amore was born on May 31, 1940 and was tragically murdered by his wife
on December 14, 2006. Although his life was cut short, the focus of his legacy is not
upon how he died, but how he lived. Mr. D'Amore lives on in each superb image,
an echo of a quiet, reserved, immensely gifted man whose work will resonate forever.
A great poet has said that "some men should have mountains to bear their names to
time." It is Mr. D'Amore's fine art photography which will bear his name, and his vision, to time.

Miss Aurelia D’Amore, Mr. D'Amore's niece, also a photographer, and his brother,
Robert D’Amore, currently orchestrate Mr. D'Amore's estate and plan a future
retrospective, exhibitions, limited editions and a book of his work.


Please take a moment to visit the new site. It will be updated often with more photographs and information:


10-Aug-2009, 18:33
Verry slow website, when it doesn't totally lock up my computer.

Joe O'Hara
14-Aug-2009, 18:21
Aurelia, this man was a genius. I do not know why he is not better known. What a loss.

Michael Gordon
14-Aug-2009, 18:35
Really beautiful work. Thank you for making me aware of him. I sure wish the jpegs were bigger...

Roger Thoms
14-Aug-2009, 18:57
Verry slow website, when it doesn't totally lock up my computer.

Working fine now, enjoyed Richard D'Amore photography.


Donald Miller
14-Aug-2009, 20:17
Thank you for posting this. I was not aware of this photographer and I agree with what others have said about his genius.

Donald Miller

14-Aug-2009, 23:21
I met Richard through a mutual friend in Los Angeles (artist Luc Leestemaker). His photographs moved me in so many ways. For his photo, Nude On Eagle, I composed my own symphonic musical interpretation of the piece. Halfway through writing the work, I received news of Richard's tragic death. From then on, I saw the photo in an entirely different light, thus changing the direction of the music I was writing. The title of the work is FALLEN ANGEL: IN MEMORIAM RICHARD D'AMORE. To hear it, please visit my website at www.vinceho.com, and click on the track in the jukebox (side-bar). It was performed by the Esprit Orchestra last year. For those of you who knew Richard, I hope you enjoy it.

15-Aug-2009, 07:07
thank you for posting this thread here, and the link to his website.
it is very sad how such brilliant photographers become nearly unknowns.

6-Dec-2011, 14:08
I am desperately trying to find out if the photos I inherited from my grandparents were taken by Richard D'Amore. They are signed and year dated. Can someone help me identify?