View Full Version : Pentax Spotmeter V Calibration dial popped off!

9-Aug-2009, 05:47
While shooting this morning the round dial came completely off. It looks like there are 2 small screws holding it onto the body. Assuming I want to take this on my self any service manuals out there? Any thoughts on repair?

I have the regular manual and it doesn't say anything about this. This is only a mechanical fix! I do know about Richard Ritter http://www.lg4mat.net/

Kevin Klazek
9-Aug-2009, 06:13
Wally, I had a similar problem in that my dial was loose and I fixed it myself. It took about an hour but if I had to do it again it would take about half that time. If you have some basic mechanical skills, you can fix it yourself also. I found disassembly instructions from this site through the search function from a Nate Porter. The details are as follows...

"Now for the more adventurous types, here's a few good things to know about the Spotmeter V's assembly. The metering dial on the outside does not have any screws hidden behind it. If you take the dial off you'll discover that the last (or rather first) component of its assembly is attached with 'free' nuts on the inside of the case. (Do this and you committed to a complete disassembly to put the dial back on: the 'doh' part). The grey plastic case (the rear portion is grey and it comes away from black portion, holding the lens and trigger, at the front) is held in place in three places: (1) by a screw under the serial number plate, (2) the eyepiece flange and (3) a tab in the moulding top and center. The serial number plate is recessed into the plastic and difficult to remove without scratching, be gentle. The eyepiece requires a spanner wrench, though I managed (very carefully) without."

The work is finicky at best as screws are very small, but it is doable. Hope this helps and credit to Nate for posting the instructions previously.


Kevin Klazek
9-Aug-2009, 06:17
Sorry, It was Nate Gray who posted the instructions. Too early in the morning:o


9-Aug-2009, 06:42
Thanks for the post I saw that thread after my post! I Followed the instructions and got it back together! A few pointers .
Get a large baking pan or cookie sheet one with a sides to catch stray screws. They are tiny. I dropped a nut and tried to use a magnet to pick it up and the nut appears to be Aluminum so the magnet is out. A flashlight helps to inspect the unit once open and find those tiny parts that will fall on the floor. You need very small jewelers type of screw drivers to do the work.
I am not sure the two screws in the bottom of the unit next to the battery compartment keep the case on. I took them off anyway.
I carefully got the flange off using the smallest Jewelers screw driver that I have. A very small finishing nail would probably work for the flange next to the eye piece.
On my unit I think one screw was missing all these years! It always had something rattling around inside all these years!
Finally it appears the nuts inside the case were glued after being tightened so a small bit or epoxy or super glue may be in order!
One nut appears to be missing so now its into the hunt for a tiny nut!

Joanna Carter
9-Aug-2009, 08:06
A few pointers .
Get a large baking pan or cookie sheet one with a sides to catch stray screws.
Furthermore, line the pan with a cloth so that bits can't bounce ;)

9-Aug-2009, 09:34
My one nut fix is not holding the dial just popped off again! Double sided tape on the outside of the housing and the back of the dial is my short term fix. I suspect finding a very small metric nut will be next to impossible!

David Karp
9-Aug-2009, 10:03
If you need a professional repair, I highly recommend Quality Light Metric in Hollywood.

Rick Levine
16-Aug-2009, 15:53
I completely agree with David Karp. Quality Light Metric in Hollywood has been servicing all my meters for nearly 20 years and in fact I just recently sent George my 2 Pentax Spotmeters (both Zone VI modified) for recalibration after a long period of non use.