View Full Version : Pentax Zone VI spotmeter

Bob McCarthy
6-Aug-2009, 12:12
I picked up a Pentax (analog) zone VI modded spotmeter in a trade.

Appearance is fine, but the meter is considerably off and is not linear from what I can tell. I also have a Zone VI Soligar that's nuts on.

I've been looking for a service manual to see if I can calibrate the pentax to match the Soligar. The Soligar went to RR for calibration and is remarkable accurate.

Any ideas,


Mark Sampson
6-Aug-2009, 17:41
Send the Pentax to Mr. Ritter for calibration. That would be my idea.

6-Aug-2009, 17:41
You may already know about these guys but in case you don't and you can't find what you need to do this yourself, give Quality Metric a call and see what they can do for you (323) 467-2265.

I doubt there is anyone out there that is any better at meter repair and they are sure to have seen that model and it's modifications before.


7-Aug-2009, 17:33

Richard Ritter did the original zone VI modifications to the Pentax Spotmeter. He can modify and/or repair your meters.